About Verse

Verse is a platform for artists and unconventional entrepreneurs who are ripe in their craft, to tell their stories, share their respective process, and explore the meaning of success and how it is attained within a creative industry. 

As artists, our journeys are all different but the process is often the same. When an artist pursues their technique, they are committing to the changes that this transition demands. This commitment to one’s artistry, sparks a critical conversation about the types of sacrifices one must make in order to evolve into their technique, and the consequential ripples that are formed throughout every aspect of their life, whether it be mentally, financially, or romantically. We created Verse, when we realized there was not a single platform that was addressing this in a way that felt authentic or relatable, and hoped that by sharing these individual stories we would not only spark the conversation, but form a path for young creative individuals to connect, collaborate, and create together.



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